Hong Kong

Yum Cha (Central)

YUM CHA! Our creative Chinese food has gained a loyal following from diners of all ages thanks to our talented chefs and their ability to modernize traditional dishes without compromising authenticity. From molten custard buns to Cantonese dumplings, we bring playful presentations and delicious dishes to the table!

With locations in Central and Tsim Sha Tsui, YUM CHA aims to revitalize the concept of ‚yum cha‚ ‚ it‚s not just about gathering for brunch with family, but all day dining. Our restaurant wants to create a great vibe, with contemporary decor and a cozy environment for friends and families to enjoy.

YUM CHA serves dishes from various regions of China, including Cantonese dimsum, Shanghainese cold cuts and dumplings, Szechuan spicy chicken, and much more.

YUM CHA pays homage to a Chinese tradition, where family, friends or business associates gather over dim sum and tea. While celebration this tradition, dining at YUM CHA is a completely unique dining experience. The talented chefs revitalize age-old Chinese cuisine with quality ingredients and updated presentations.‚ At YUM CHA, the atmosphere is just as important as the food.‚ Given it‚s convenient location close to Central and size of the restaurant, if you‚re looking for a modern venue to host an event, while enjoy traditional Chinese dishes, YUM CHA provides a unique experience.