Since opening in 2000 in Tokyo / Shibuya where the world draws attention as music and fashion, as well as various youth cultures of Japan, it has always been the world’s most advanced electronic music culture to be played in real time in Tokyo’s music fans While introducing them to overseas, we will be promoting overseas of resident artists, hosting WOMB TOKYO NIGHT at “Space Ibiza” in Spain / Ibiza island, famous for the world’s highest club, and “fabric” in London, Continuing to send scenes to the world.

With the largest mirror ball in Asia, with the world’s top-class sound system as the main axis, the performance of the top artists who are active worldwide will be spread on the main floor, which has a reputation for high-quality production with lighting and laser etc. Besides, with three variety of variety of subflores, you can enjoy the sound of seasonal artists who are active in the Tokyo local scene.

In the club rankings of the world that British dance music-related magazine “Mixmag” performs every year, it ranked second in the world in 2005, ranked fifth in 2008, ranked fourth in 2009, and in 2009 , The top artists and music fans all over the world draw attention, it is said to be the representative club in Tokyo.