The Commune Social

Located on Jiangning Road in Jing’an District, The Commune Social is a cheerful star, Jason Atherton, and honorary design firm “The Design Studio” and the latest creation of Loh Lik Peng, a well-known hotel operator in Singapore. Following the success of Shanghai’s Table No.1 Bund, Hong Kong’s 22 ships and Singapore’s Esquina, the food industry will also inject more new elements and surprises for another antique community.

Restaurant concept

This “do not accept reservations, no additional service fee” restaurant for the diners to bring a Atherton called “random food feast.” The diversified menu includes modern tapas, desserts and well-designed wine lists, which can be enjoyed in separate areas. This novel and interesting “snack, dessert and bar” concept encourages diners to interact with individual spaces while also having their own food map. Guests can enjoy the drinks in the courtyard or terrace of the food, and then move to the snack area with open kitchen while enjoying the chefs’ taste of the chefs, the staple Will be invited to the dessert area to enjoy the dessert after dinner, and finally in the second floor of the bar for this section of the food journey to draw a perfect period.

Design Ideas

The interior of the food industry comes from the award-winning design of the award-winning design award. The interior of the restaurant is dominated by three key areas (snack bars, desserts and bars). The use of these spaces emphasizes the idea that the foodstuffs want to share with each other. The coherent room encourages the interaction between the diners and responds Such as commune-like concept, this presentation can also be seen in other Jason restaurant. Design methods are used in many raw materials, such as: pig iron, recycled wood, raw concrete, and bare brick together with different texture and pattern, this approach reflects and contrast the freshness of ingredients. When the vast majority of the interior of the space to take a rough and unprocessed design and covered with white tiles dessert area is relatively prominent in which. Dessert area in addition to the design of the whole white is also equipped with a set of specially ordered lamps, which between the two as a dentist clinic-like visual effects, this avant-garde design also communicated to the diners love to eat sweets but do not Eat funny teeth.

Food experience

as its name, food invitations to visit their restaurant diners share each other different dishes, like “Spanish breakfast eggs”, this dish of the main ingredients using a slow boiled organic water wave eggs, with On the mashed potatoes and crispy Spanish spicy sausages and butter baked potatoes Ding, or taste the fresh “marinated sea bass” with Spanish cold soup, or try to see wiping pepper butter “sea urchin with summer Bata bread “.