Shopping Morumbi

Since 1982, MorumbiShopping has been working in the life and fashion of São Paulo with a democratic space and a mix of current, modern and varied stores. There are 483 stores in the most diverse segments, such as Apple, Forever 21, Sephora, GAP, Coach, New Balance, Michael Kors, Ricardo Almeida, FIT, Animale, C & A, Renner, Zara and Fnac Hail. Great variety of shops to cater to all the needs of its customers.

The creation of Ala Morumbi Fashion in 1984 and GourmetShopping in 1989 emphasize the pioneering nature of MorumbiShopping DNA. It was the first Shopping Mall to create an exclusive fashion area with national and international brands, and gathers 23 of São Paulo’s most prestigious restaurants, such as Le Vin, Zucco, Pirajá, Saj, among others, in a reserved space.

Awarded by the main vehicles of São Paulo as the most complete shopping mall, MorumbiShopping positioned itself as a reference in the city as a democratic space, which has everything for everyone.