Patio Bullrich

From 1867, not only the riches, but also the Argentine cultural refinement passed through the Bullrich house.This historic building of the Bullrich family, designed by the English architect Waldorp, was a traditional auction house of all kinds of collectibles, cattle and even thoroughbred horses. In 1988 it was inaugurated as a modern mall preserving everything with which it had been born, the original values ​​of the noble building and its neoclassical architecture. In 1995, an important innovation and expansion project was carried out by Pfeifer & Zurdo Arquitectos, in which the historic structure was maintained and modern lines of the new context were incorporated, creating in this way a unique space where two seasons coexist .

At the moment Patio Bullrich is one of the most traditional places of Buenos Aires, an emblematic space where history, tradition, classic and timeless together with the fashion and trends of the most sophisticated brands.The passion for details and the valorization of the authentic, is perceived in every corner of the architecture and in the mix of proposals that form an authentic experience of luxury. Patio Bullrich is the place where the big international brands present their collections simultaneously with the fashion capitals.Musical attractions, art shows, international film festivals and performances coexist with collections and trends in fashion, design, gastronomy, perfumes and music.