St. Petersburg

Metro Club

The biggest dance night club in russia and one of europe’s most famous clubs!‚ Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world come to the‚ metro club‚ , to have a great time! ‚ Metro club‚ is part of‚ the honorable hundred of the best bars, night clubs of the world‚ according to the british independent association of bars and nightclubs.

Metro club rules are created for the benefit of the guests of the club and are aimed at maintaining a comfortable and safe atmosphere of great fashion and democratic celebration. Metro club is a‚ private institution, which‚ established rules for‚ attendance and service,obligatory‚ for all visitors of the club.‚ Persons who do not adhere to these rules‚ may be applied to the measures‚ provided for rules of the club.