The harbor is a family-run restaurant armor and Elsa set up in 2010. Particular attention was given to maintaining the spirit of the times and the “soul” of the house is great, but the aqua houses with Suðurbugtina are built in the years around 1930 and served here as baiting sheds and network storage beyond the turn of the century last.

The sons have been either in the kitchen or the hall. The law regulating the kitchen with the help of his father and other ostentatious people responsible for making guests feel comfortable. Brynjar and Flame are both chefs and Elsa’s “kolde Jomfru” the learned scholar in Denmark. Andri graduated since helpers from the port and Hotel School, 2015. A strong family connection to seafaring attracted the urgent and Elsa that this place was to pull the collapsed high saved it.

Today, the area number of restaurants and shops that have been built up in recent years, mixed with small boats and trillukarla fewer fish home right in front of the restaurant. Here’s become almost a new neighborhood in the city center as hundreds of tourists and other daily download.

The harbor is on two floors and takes about 100 guests in the place and also offers astonishing views of the marina, economic activities and human life involved, the Esja Mountain and the bay.

At the port is focused on classical Icelandic food recognized in modern costume and among the popular dishes are seafood soup that has become famous, blue affectionate, plucking fish char and Icelandic lamb and beef. Our Útisvæðið is one of the very best in the area and great to enjoy in food and drink.

The family offers their guests welcome in the hopes that they experience in contemporary yet classic local food presented by master hands.