Table No. 1

Table No. 1 is situated in the designer boutique hotel The Waterhouse and offers contemporary European food in a modern but informal setting. Table No. 1 is the first solo venture of chef Jason Atherton, who has worked under Marco Pierre and made his name under Gordon Ramsay’s Maze brand. The tapas-based menu at Table No. 1 focuses on simple, natural flavors and locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, while the surroundings are chic, cool and cozy. Claiming to be Shanghai’s first gastro-bar, Table No. 1 encourages communal dining and social interaction by seating diners together at long tables. If you are ready to socialize, this is the perfect place to unwind and share a few dishes of hearty tapas.

Table No. 1 is a destination restaurant serving world-influenced modern European cuisine set in a sleek and simplistic interior that comprises a surprising element which encourages social interaction with a brand new dining concept. Focusing on communal dining, dishes at Table No. 1 come in sharing portions so guests can enjoy an informal dining experience and sample more tantalizing creations by the chef.

The cuisine is a beguiling blend of the simple and subtle, and will subscribe to those culinary watchwords favoured by all the best chefs — fresh, seasonal, natural flavours and top quality ingredients.