Bhat-Bhateni Chuchepati

Bhat Bhateni is one of the best shopping centers in Kathmandu Nepal. Bhat-Bhateni is the supermarket which consists and provide the service of products and services to the customer on regular basis. It is the supermarket which holds the quality goods only. It is mostly targeted to the high class and high-income people for making the proceeding of buying and selling of goods and services. The services are highly determined and focused for the high and personality face. It is one of the largest stores of Nepal giving the services of every product from the many branches of the Kathmandu.

This is the Nepal largest business and shopping networks which contain the shopping concept that means buying goods and selling of goods. The product is also imported from the other country for the specific targeting customer or micro customer. So it deals and makes the better feels to the customer as it provides all the grocery and officially needs under one roof. It announces the products of both ladies and gents and provides you the services of all and every clothes which you order. The Bhat-Bhateni is also regarded as the high-profile ground where there is interaction and meeting high profile people only because all the goods and services consist the tag of quality and we bitterly know that the quality goods and products cost little beat more that non-qualitative goods.