Fusion Village Restaurant & Bar

Fusion Village Restaurant and Bar opened its doors on June 27th, 2014. Finally, the public‚s curiosity was appeased after weeks of questioning and admiring the first signs of a new venture a colorful mural depicting Alice in Wonderland alongside a soft staring, pleasant smiling dame arrayed in the national ‚Robe Dwiyet‚ (national dress) of Dominica.

The ambiance expresses our ‚fusion‚ concept‚ a bare mahogany gazebo draped with multicolored tulle curtains aligned with tropical plants and fountains softly trickling in the backyard of a quaint Creole cottage which houses a modern fully-stocked bar. The brilliant shades of green and orange tell of a proprietor who is young at heart while earth tones and a Greek indoor mural reveal European ancestry, passion for the arts and elegance.

Presenting a savory menu of filet mignon, Italian pizzas, prosciutto, spaghetti alla carbonara, Pierogi and Pelmeni Russian style dumplings, the best brand of steak served medium rare, medium and medium cooked was guaranteed by our chef trained in Italian and international cuisine. A smart choice of alcoholic beverages, cocktails, creamy, cigar box, velvety wines and champagnes grace our buckets and coolers.