Moccasin Lake Nature Park

Moccasin Lake Park, established in 1982, is between Rt 19 to the west and N McMullin Booth Rd on the east, and  between Rt 590 on the north and Drew St. From Rt 19 one would take Drew St east, turn north on Fairwood Ave and west onto Park Trail Lane.

Moccasin Lake encompasses 5 acres, the park is 51 acres. The lake was created when Rt 19 was being built and needed some landfill to create an overpass. there are six ecosystems there, an unusual amount for such a small area. There is dry prairie, hardwood forest, scrub swamp, wetlands, hardwood swamp and pinelands.

With taxes the park costs approximately $3.00 per person. There were few people there even though Moccasin has a nice nature center with live exhibits. However, other parks that are  just as nice do not have the fees. Ft De Soto can sustain the $5 a car fees, as it is an all day experience with huge pristine beaches, historical buildings, a pier, 3 trails and free fishing from the piers.