Khmer Grill Restaurant

The charming restaurant offers a wide variety of food and drinks. From traditional Cambodian food to original western style dishes, and from local Angkor beer to international classics like the long island ice tea, you’ll find it here. In a friendly atmosphere, you will be in good hands.

The great atmosphere with a nice breeze even it is a middle of the night market and the market itself shows a varieties of craftsmanship, souvenirs and workshops and great friendly smile from the sellers .Also, The Free Cambodian Traditional Dance Show, one hour daily show basis, is spectacular with less touristy and with a mixed of local people starts 830pm.

On the top of that, her husband, Mr Chin Mean Kung (Mr Chin), has been in the travel business for more than 15 years. From his professionalism, he knows a great deal about European and Asian dishes. He can always recommend what to do and see in town and in the country. He can communicate well in English based his degree in English.