Cantinho Do Avillez

Cantinho do Avillez, located in Chiado, is a warm and welcoming venue where tradition and modernity go hand in hand.

Chef José Avillez’s priority is quality and therefore nothing has been left to chance. The cuisine, mostly drawing its inspiration from Portuguese gastronomy, also includes influences of travels taken.

The menu offers a wide range of snacks, steak sandwiches, appetisers, main dishes and desserts so that each visit may
provide a different gastronomic experience. The service, which is friendly and informal, contributes towards a happy and relaxed environment.

The architect Ana Anahory, who has been undertaking several projects in restaurants, and decorator Felipa Almeida have developed a décor based on Chef José Avillez’s proposed concept.

Using colourful antique furniture, decoration that alludes to the kitchen and the use of national tiles on some surfaces have created an informal, joyful and dynamic space.