An unforgettable restaurant experience in the heart of historic Buffalo. Whether it be a planned special occasion, a private party, or just an impromptu night out with friends, a truly excellent dining experience should not just be memorable; it should be unforgettable. Tempo Restaurant raises the bar to ensure that every time you leave our historic mansion, you never forget it. Using only the freshest ingredients, each dish is skillfully made to order and then served by the most professional wait staff in Western New York. Exquisite cuisine, extensive wine list, impeccable service.. ‘Dining’ at Tempo takes on a whole new meaning.

The perfect setting for the perfect evening. Upon walking through the large, arched entryway, one is immediately immersed in a mixture of old-world charm and warm, inviting ambiance. The light background music further enhances the aromas from our nightly features and various mouth-watering menu items being served throughout the intimate dining room. Whether it is gazing through the large windows or enjoying a rare vintage from the extensive wine list on the floral lined patio, one cannot help but realize that European elegance is closer than ever.

From the very first bite, it is clear that dining at TEMPO is an overwhelming experience for the senses. Using only the freshest ingredients available, each culinary masterpiece creates a bridge from the farm to the table. Whether it is seafood, a certified Angus steak, or a pillow of creamy risotto, each item on TEMPO’s Italian inspired menu is creative and innovative. As the mouthwatering aromas fill the dining room, and as each course is presented as a beautiful work of art, it is clear that downtown dining has come to its senses.