Powerful design, exuberant environment, a strong lineup of music – some of it in a KRAFT, the city has long deserved a fan of disco. The club is located in the fifth district Zrínyi street surrounded by an imposing environment (Danube floating lights, floating light Basilica) and the pulsating city center, so it is almost inevitable for the night restless adventurers. The industrial Sikkim combining colored neon tubes and energetic design, five-star club strikes the sound and light technology senses to the night race the maximum.

The KRAFT is really four times a week at full strength – it is usually sold out, themed days of hip hop, R & B of the EDM and the club and deep house dominated a night on which the style is best given each other the baton . The perfect music, perfect for flavors induced, so here is the city’s best cocktails made rezidenciájukat, quality of service is the icing on the cake. The KRAFT átbulizott be with you all night!