Riga Black Magic

Riga Black balsam is the famous national brand name. The dark and astringent liqueur made of 24 herbs remains unchanged for 250 years. The balsam is good when drinking alone or as part of hot drinks and cocktails. It brings special flavor to chocolate products and deserts; it is used with coffee or to soak candied fruits. Black Balsam Currant and Riga Black Balsam Cream produced by the famous factory Latvijas Balsams were created on its base. People drink balsam with coffee in winter, and in summer pour it on cold ice-cream balls. One teaspoon of balsam in a hot cup of tea releases from chill.

Riga Black Balsam is the wonderful idea for a gift. You may buy a small 40 ml bottle or‚  bringing home a 1 litter large bottle in a signature packaging ‚ for good health!