Island Bar

The Island Bar easily stands out in Angkor Night Market, with its enormous, cone-shaped, thatched roof. Located right next to Entrance A, this makes it a perfect meeting point. Waiting on shopping friends or family can become a relaxed pleasure, as you enjoy a cold beer, or work your way through their long list of great value cocktails, or fresh and fruity mocktails and smoothies.

The combination of the spectacular bamboo roof, the open-air ambience, and the friendly atmosphere can certainly make it easy to forget you‚re in a market in the center of town. It feels more like a place you‚d find on an exotic island beach. There‚s a good selection of bar-friendly food on the menu too. So there‚s a strong likelihood you‚ll find you‚re having so much fun you‚ll want to stick around at the Island Bar, well into the night.