La Badiane

Founded in December, 2008, by three French friends, Minh Spielmann, Benjamin Rascalou & Anthony Balenci, La Badiane‚ -French for the Star Anise spice-‚ is heralding its claim to be one of the best restaurants in Vietnam dedicated to fusion of flavors and international gastronomy.

Surrounded by harmonious leaf plants, & walls predominantly white alternating with carefully chosen vivid colors, the place provides for a true feeling of calm and elegance, which gathers the best conditions to let your senses express themselves.

When coming in, an open-sky corridor planted with luxuriant vegetation leads you towards the heart of the restaurant. One‚s attention will be instantly caught by the multitude of perfumes & aromas flowing out of the open front kitchen.

The second floor with two dining rooms painted red will either cool you down in the hot summer with air-conditions, or warm you up in the cool weather of the monsoon season in Hanoi. At the same time, they provide you with a closed dinning space that respects your privacy. Enjoy our delicious foods here with your loved ones, temporarily forget the daily stress and worries, and relax in the sweet moments you know you deserve.

At la Badiane, all is about food but there‚s also great attention paid to the‚ service and the overall atmosphere, so that we make sure you enjoy every aspect of your meal.‚ La Badiane, top 500 Restaurants in Asia by‚ Miele Guide and ‚Certificate of Excellence‚ by Trip Advisor in 3 consecutive years 2012, 2013 and 2014 will‚ never fail to satisfy you. Moreover, at this very same ‚picky‚ travel community, there were more than 300 upvotes as ‚EXCELLENT‚ for La Badiane ‚ a formidable rating which can only be seen for top-end restaurants.