It is an urban space, a meeting place, time to stop and rest, which aspires to become the social heart of the life of the neighborhood. Inside, among the shops and dell’Alberone market Happio is crossed by pedestrian paths: this strategic crossroads, at the turn of the market tradition and modernity, commerce and offices, is thought to be a meeting place , social events, exhibitions, with a strong social and cultural identity. “

Happio fact stands where there was once a station / store STEFER – the League of Electrical Tramways and Railways of Rome, who ran the public transport around the city – built early last century and a symbol of the economic revival of the Capital . A place very dear to Federico Fellini , who shot some scenes of his film “Roma” and “The Interview.”

Happio is an intervention that regenerates healthy and one of the breaks in the urban grid of Via Appia Nuova to include what is by definition a social point of aggregation:the square . The architecture quote trussed former tram depot is the fifth main square, at the same time representing the historical memory of what was once the edge of the city. An ideal place for socializing and for those who already habitually attends one of the busiest streets of the Roman commerce, and for those who still has never lived here and find many stores you usually arise out of the historic town. A rise in short, that is a candidate to host the users of Appia shopping promenade, but also those who have never traveled to this quadrant of the city, which now will have one more reason to find out: HAPPIO.