de Silveren Spiegel

Elegance, tradition and hospitality are the core traits of one of Amsterdam‚s finest restaurants, de Silveren Spiegel (the Silver Mirror). The restaurant dates from the Dutch Golden Age, the 17th century, and all of the building is kept in it’s original state so you can experience the ambiance of this time period. A unique evening out in breathtaking surroundings befitting the likes of Rembrandt and Vermeer.

The restaurant has never been more renowned for its delicate approach to traditional Dutch cuisine, than under the present ownership of Francisca and Jim van der Hoff. You may enjoy dinner here in the style of centuries of tradition and in tune with the cycles of the seasons. If you want to be sure that we can host you at the evening of your choice, please fill out our form below to make a reservation. We will guarantee you the best seats available at that time!