Wadi el Gemal National Park

The Wadi El Gemal Nationa Park ( meaning “Valley of the Camels” ) is an extensive area of land and coastal water lying to the south of Marsa Alam. ‚ It includes many diverse ecological habitats and a rich variety of animal and bird types including several endangered species. ‚ The area was designated a National Park by the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency in January 2003.

It covers a total of some 5,000 square kilometres including several islands, a stretch of mangrove rich coast line and an extensive mountainous area inland which surround one of Egypt’s largest desert wadis.

The Wadi El Gemal acts to channel any water from the mountains towards the coastline but some is trapped underground which is a key factor supporting the area’s vibrant ecosystem.

The valley‚ is most easily accessed by an entrance from the coast road approximately 45km south of the small town of Marsa Alam. ‚ Do not try to enter by yourself as it is easy to get lost inside the National Park and it might be difficult for rescuers to find you.