Gran Canaria

Tango tapas

Tapas are the perfect introduction to Spanish Cuisine, because they allow you to sample many different types of dishes in one meal. Tapas go great with wine,sangr­a beer or cider. Sharing Tapas is also a social activity and bonding experience that brings diners together and encourages conversation.

Tapas are a wide variety of small plates , finger foods and appetizers. Tapas are not a particular type of food, but rather a style of dining. The entire meal consists of these smaller dishes that are shared around the table, encouraging guests to order many of the different dishes. Whether you are looking for a snack or a feast fit for a King , a Tapas Restaurant provides and exquisite experience for everyone.

Tapas are served day in and day out in restaurants , bars and cafs all over the country, they are so much a part of the culture and social scene the the Spanish people even use the verb ‚tapear‚ wich means to go and eat Tapas.