Arenas de Barcelona

Most likely the most unusual and historic Shopping Mall in the city, Arenas de Barcelona wasn‚t built for commercial purposes, instead it was originally conceived as a bullring in the early 1900‚s, and as such it became one of the most celebrated bullrings in Spain.

After decades of glory and having been subject to many other different uses such as headquarters for the Republican Army during the Spanish Civil War, as well as other sports events, the last bullfight took place in 1977 and it was left to abandonment in the early 1990‚s.

After many years the London based and prestigious firm of Richard Rogers + Partners‚ was chosen to renovate it into a shopping and entertainment center. Its great location right beside the Plaza Espa±a Square and the Montjuic Fair Compound, was pivotal for this huge undertaking, whose objective was to demolish all the intern structure and mantain the beautiful Spanish style facade.