Shopping Rio Sul

First mall to ever be built in Rio de Janeiro, RIOSUL opened its doors on April 28, 1980, and its proximity to the city‚s main tourist spots – such as the P£o de A§ºcar and Corcovado ‚ soon placed it on the route for those who come to visit Rio. Associated since the beginning with the beautiful iconic landscapes of the Cidade Maravilhosa, the mall incorporates its avant-garde spirit on every trend it launches, standing out from others for translating with accuracy the true carioca spirit.

In its seven floors ‚ two of them destined for parking ‚ a selection of 400 stores share the space, with more than 26 decoration stores. Through RIOSUL you can still find coffee shops, candy stores, two food courts filled with several dining options, and a state of the art gym. When the subject is accessibility, aside from making wheelchairs available, the mall has elevators and access ramps. Four movie theaters complement the services mix that makes RIOSUL a complete leisure and convenience center, receiving an average of 19 million visitors each year.