Ayala Center Cebu

Ayala Mall Cebu better known as Ayala Center Cebu is designed to give customers a complete list of stores in‚  and were they are located but also lets Ayala store owners have a web page presence so customers can view what items and or services each store handles along with prices and promotions.

The nice thing is if you need a break from shopping you can go sit at one of the many shops on the Terraces and just relax and have a drink or dine on one of the many different cuisines that are offered on all levels. Ayala Mall Cebu is located near the IT Park and in the heart of the Cebu City Business Park. Ayala Mall Cebu is the areas most beautiful and comfortable mall to go shopping and dining with live entertainment events on the ground floor almost daily. Ayala Malls is still growing with the newest Ayala Mall built in Talisay, Cebu. We are biased since we are based in Cebu City, Cebu and believe Ayala Mall Cebu is the best Ayala Mall out of all the malls that is owned by Ayala Malls. On an average day more the 85,000 people visit Ayala Mall Cebu and over 135,000 on weekends.

Ayala Malls continues to set the pace and trend in the development of shopping centers in the Philippines. Ayala Malls are not merely places to shop, they have also become lifestyle and cultural centers that celebrate the best in Filipino architecture, artistry, and design. Through the malls around the country, Ayala Malls bring the good life to Filipinos and tourists alike addressing not only their basic needs, but also creating vibrant community hubs. Developed using unique and memorable concepts, each Ayala Mall is made to be distinct. Creativity, innovation and originality are crucial to the way Ayala Malls build and operate.