Restaurante Doris Metropolitan

An elegantly designed restaurant that will provide you with a special and cozy atmosphere, which combines high quality matured meat in the “Dry age” style, a diverse selection of exotic dishes and along with its select and extensive variety of spirits and wines. It guarantees you a unique gastronomic experience that awaits you at Doris Metropolitan.

Doris Metropolitan began her journey in 2003 in Israel, serving high quality meats under the name of Doris Katzavim (Doris Butchers), our first restaurant quickly established itself as one of the most popular restaurants in Israel. By 2008 Doris Katzavim had opened three different locations in Israel and her own factory.

In 2010, we recognized the need and challenges of expanding our market and after a visit to San Jose Costa Rica we were able to see its charm and potential due to the high demand for high quality meat.

In March 2010 we opened the doors of Doris Metropolitan San Jose, located in Santa Ana, one of the most developed areas of the capital, was the perfect place for our restaurant. Since then we have offered our customers a unique gastronomic experience in San Jose.

Today, we have chosen New Orleans as the next destination, which will open soon, a place that along with the great variety of cuisine, charm and history, is naturally complemented by our concept.