If you aren‚t much of a drinker but like to taste some innovative mixed drinks and cocktails, then Tektekci is the perfect place for you to pay a visit. Check out the vast cocktail menu and admire the creative nomenclature for them all. Imagine how artistic the drinks there are, if only the names shout out loud of some great creativity. Order for the one which fascinates you the most and watch the expertize with which the experienced bartenders present you with the results.

In Tektek§i, there are many special recipes in different categories such as Sweet, Sour, Hard, Sweet Sour, Sweet Hard, Bitter, Bifurcated, Birds, Consonants, Ice Fruits, Nescafe Xpress, Ottoman Sherbet, Frozen.‚ You can drink these unique flavors in liquor bottles and glasses, sometimes with classic shot glasses, which you sometimes see in experiment tubes, jam bottles, balloons, funerals, sometimes in your grandmother’s homes.

The shot glasses, the colors, the toppings and all the other ingredients used, make each drink distinct. Drink like a fish as you try one cocktail after the other and differentiate between the distinct flavors. Enjoy the rustic ambiance with the Old English-inspired dcor comprising of wooden furniture and high stools.Spend an evening which you will remember for a long time to come.