BLUME Nightclub

Blume‚ Nightclub‚ is a high-end nightclub with a Garden Bar Terrace and is located in Miami‚s bustling urban Brickell neighborhood. Offering a modern and extensive nightlife experience by global hospitality company‚ V&E Restaurant Group, the nightclub offers a fusion of high energy and chill atmospheres with its expansive indoor setting and idyllic outdoor terrace. The nightclub features only the best in live music entertainment, from house to open format.

Fashioned‚ by luxury architecture and design firm Linus Design,‚ Blume‚s captivating interior is embellished in tropical, floral motifs and layered with classic wooden trimmings to echo a formal Garden Room.‚ At the center of the‚ Blume‚s dance floor is a grandiose 16-foot LED chandelier that adds glamour to an otherwise classic ambiance.‚ Suspended from the high ceiling are a series of 50-foot-diameter concentric rings, a psychedelic, yet alluring display meant to resemble blooming flowers.‚ ‚ LED panels in diamond-shaped wood patterns frame the DJ booth, and the state-of-the art Dynacord Alpha System offers an unparalleled sound system that electrifies the dance floor.