Museo Dimitrius Demu

In April 1999, the inhabitants of the northern area were able to appreciate for the first time the museum inspired by a plastic artist who adopted this entity as their home, to which he gave his most important creations and in his honor the center Of the most important art of the area bears his name: Dimitrius Demus. The creation of this magical structure was in charge of the architect Fruto Vivas, who defines his work as “a tailor made suit at the request of Dimitrius”. The Dimitrius Demu Museum of Lecher­as is a striking terrestrial space which is one of the most important artistic and cultural sites in Venezuela.

The Dimitrius Demu Museum, inaugurated in April 1999, Is the work of the architect Frutos Vivas and the engineers Jos González and Jos López who were hired by the Demu family to preserve in time and space the creations of the Venezuelan Roman sculptor of the same name. The human quality, futuristic vision and love for the freedom of expression were the best sources of inspiration of Dimitrius Demu who by gratitude presented to Venezuela a super original museum. In the black room is the UFO series sheltered by an imposing metallic dome. In a side aisle is the series of scriptures in space that culminate give way to the spectacular stained-glass room of El Ojo de Dios where double-space sculptures and a replica of the one missing statue of Stalin that gave Demu fame in Romania. In the room of La Sirena,