Morne Bruce Cross

Named after James Bruce, a captain of the Royal Engineers who designed many of Dominica‚s forts in the 1700s, Morne Bruce, or ‚The Morne‚ as it‚s known locally, is an overlook located on the eastern side of the Dominica‚s capital, Roseau. At the summit of The Morne one has a bird‚s eye view of Roseau and the Caribbean Sea beyond. This site was once home to the military garrison that protected Roseau. Remains of the original barracks and the officers‚ quarters can still be seen today.

One of the old canons (non-operational) is still located at the site, near a giant cross that was erected in the 1920s. Tourists enjoy viewing these relics and learning about their origins.‚ Most folks take the road to reach the summit of Morne Bruce. Still very much in Roseau, taxis and tour operators will get there in less than 7 minutes. However, there is a more scenic route ‚ through the Botanical Gardens and up an old footpath known as Jack‚s Walk. This 20 minute walk can be thought of as the ‚scenic route‚ and is a popular location for joggers and cyclists.