North of Marsa Alam, Elphinstone has steep reef walls covered with soft corals, and is washed by strong currents that are ideal for sharks ‚ seven species reportedly frequent its waters. Depth: 20m to 40m.

Elphinstone Reef is one of the world’s most exciting diving destinations. ‚ A few small breakers are the only visible sign that just below the sea’s surface is the summit of a subterranean mountain, rich in colourful corals and fish species, and attracting the interest of hungry barracuda, dolphins and sharks. ‚ 

It is two shark species in particular that attract divers looking for that unique once in a life-time close-quarters encounter with a big sea predator. The scarily curious oceanic whitetip and the oddly shaped hammerhead. ‚ 

This is one of the few places where divers can regularly come eyeball to eyeball with these feared but fascinating animals. The whitetip is categorized as vulnerable to extinction by the World Conservation Union and the hammerhead one level worse at endangered.