Bo.Lan Restaurant

Bo.lan is founded on the belief that the best Thai restaurants should be found In Thailand. With that in mind the two chefs Duangporn Songvisava and Dylan Jones started Bo.lan. The name Bo.lan comes from Chef Duangporn‚s nickname Bo and the second half of Dylan‚s name Lan. It is also a play on the Thai word for vintage or ancient, which sounds the same but is spelt slightly different. Bo.lan prides itself for working closely with local farmers and feels that it has a social responsibility to the local community. Bo.lan advocates the use of bio diversified produce and this is reflected in the ever-changing menu. Bo.lan is constantly trying to lessen its environmental impact with the goal of achieving a zero carbon restaurant by 2018.

Bo.lan Balance is the chef‚s interpretation of Thai food by applying the inspiration from different discoveries throughout our contemporary journey, ancient cookbooks & tasty conversations with farmers, artisan producers, fishermen, foraging couples and food related professionals.

‚Bo.lan Balance‚ accentuates the essence of the charm of Thai food. The interplay of the contrast of flavours and texture is naturally complimentary; consequently a holistic balance. A la minute preparation also emphasizes the third element of Thai cuisine that is often overlooked; the aromatic characteristics. The menu will also take you through the culinary culture of Thailand experiencing communal norms through the pleasure of Thai food. Please note that course-prohibited is practiced at Bo.lan.