Antico Arco

The Antico Arco and ‘situated in the heart of Rome, on top of the Janiculum which dominates the landscape and perceive the architecture and urban development of the capital. After 18 years of work experience in a completely different field, Patrizia Mattei‚ continues the family tradition and go back to school, to be ready to face his new life in the kitchen. Backed by her husband Morris Minorand his friend Domenico Cali² he has created an original and innovative cuisine, a blend of tradition and creativity, those that have always characterized the local. The company founded by historian trio is the current chef is also added Fundim Gjepali that, on the footsteps of Patrick, continues to give to the Ancient kitchen Arc the consolidated footprint long Antico Arco offers a dining experience of Italian cuisine who wants satisfy the senses through the use of carefully selected raw materials and processed with creativity and passion. An attentive and friendly service welcomes you to a warm, renovated in August 2009 with contemporary furnishings overlapping nineteenth-century architecture of the building.