Gran Canaria

Aqua Ocean Club

Located by the beach on the trendy south side of Grand Canaria, Aqua Ocean Club is a sprawling club home to both a breezy and cool beachside terrace and a red hot dance floor. Regarded by many as the hands down champion of clubs on the island, Aqua Ocean Club easily competes with the big boys in larger and better known clubbing cities around the globe. It combines these attributes and accolades with an island flamboyance that only can only be found on Grand Canaria. Aqua Ocean Club has bolstered its reputation throughout the island, and Europe for that matter, for the special events that it has played host to in recent years, like beat-heavy Latin nights, fashion shows, Valentine’s Day blowouts, and one of the most sought after tickets during Gay Pride, T-Dance.

Being located practically on the beach separates Aqua Ocean Club from many others on the island for the simple fact that you can spend your day lounging and tanning on the sand and then with a quick wardrobe change be dancing a few feet from where you previously laid. Once inside, the bartenders at Aqua Ocean Club are experts at quickly turning out high quality cocktails each and every night until late, and if there’s one club that may end up being the highlight of your trip to Grand Canaria, its Aqua Ocean Club.