The Alexa Shopping Mall is centrally located in the City East near Alexanderplatz. Therefore it is easy to reach by public transport. Besides, Alexa is one of the largest shopping centres in Berlin and the biggest shopping centre in the City East.

Alexa opened in 2007 and with its red concrete facade it is highly visible in between the other, mainly prefab panel housing estates around Alexanderplatz. By the use of red concrete, golden porches and basically no windows the architectures aim was to create an art dco building.

More than 50,000 sqm shopping area are distributed on five floors. Its tenants offer a diverse range of products. About half of the space is rented to fashion and accessory shops. Amongst them are popular trade stores as well as more specialized small shops. About a quarter of the space is rented to bookshops and shops which provide electronic goods. Tenants of the remaining area are mainly restaurants. Most of them are located at the so-called food court on the fifth floor of Alexa.