Albert Park, Auckland

The most central green space in the city is Albert Park with its elaborate Victorian fountain, variety of statuary, and multitude of flower beds. As well as being a tranquil spot amid the inner-city hustle, the park is home to a variety of small and quirky attractions that will please culture-vultures. Albert Park House contains an eclectic array of ceramics and clocks; a floral clock (dating from 1953) marks the park’s Princes Street entry, and the city’s Meteorological Observatory at the park’s highest point has been marking Auckland’s weather since 1909. The most prominent historic building nearby is the Old Government House, now part of Auckland University campus. This timber Neoclassical structure (built in 1856) was New Zealand’s first parliament. Opposite the Old Government House is the Old Synagogue, dating from 1884, which is now used for cultural events.