The Lime Inn

Lime Inn has been serving up the freshest seafood, homemade delicious recipes, and fantastic cocktails for 32 years! We invite you to come hang with us‚ as the next generation, daughter Chelsea, and her husband Richard, continue the legacy of a fun and delicious‚ dining experience.

Our classic recipes, like the clam chowder and fantastic frozen key lime pie‚ will remain in tact, and new menu additions, like housemade pasta and Rum Ribs, will brighten our 2016-2017 season.

The fresh, delicious, and made from scratch lunch menu appeals to a number of tastes. From our fresh salad selection‚ to our famous Limin’ Cheesesteak, you can’t go wrong. Sip the original‚ ‘swamp water’ (fresh squeezed lemonade and iced tea) or a danger (that’s a $4 handmade cocktail!),‚ during a leisurely lunch on the deck watching life go by on the streets of Cruz Bay.