Chả Cá ThÆ’ng Long

Located on a small street near the ancient city of Hanoi, restaurant Cha Ca Thang Long (19 – 21-31 Duong Thanh Street, Hoan Kiem Hanoi) is a red address many gourmets find. Criteria to maintain and develop traditional national cuisine restaurant Cha Ca Thang Long gave Ha Thanh diners and diners everywhere delicious Grilled Fish dish that probably nobody will ever remember tasting never forget.

Hanoi fried fish is abundant, fish rolls for the family in Hanoi is also no stranger.But fried fish is processed at Cha Ca Thang Long Restaurant, the result is to bring a particularly delicious taste incredible. From preparing food, flavorings, spices to processing, the result is a feat

When asked to make a dish the secret to delicious fried fish so, the bartender smiled and said, special know-how to make a dish of fried fish restaurant is passion for this job, career passion, which is the desire to further maintain and develop rolls of native fish as well as contributing a small part to be able to bring Vietnamese food culture “fried fish dishes” to all the friends in the world.