Club Escape is one of the most popular clubs of the Netherlands and abroad and has been around since 1986! After 3 major transformations, it’s still on pace with the newest technologies in sound, lighting and visuals. Over the past decades Escape has been a well-known and highly respected club in the Amsterdam nightlife scene.

Escape is a multi-spaced venue, with Escape Club, the main hall, Escape‚ deLux, an intimate club-in-a-club on the first floor with its own lighting and sound system and Escape‚ Studio‚ that offers space for TV programmes as well as smaller dance events. Next to Escape Club you’ll find Escape Caff -‚, where you can have drinks and dinner.‚ From the shared entrance you can also visit the Escape Lounge -‚‚ – at the first floor. This small club is open in the weekends with R&B and Eclectic clubnights Juice on Fridays and Afro Mansion on Saturdays. With a view on the Rembrandtsquare and a huge LED-ceiling it’s an innovative small dance venue for dance, drinks and fingerfood.

Escape Club is famous for its great clubnights. They can be even greater when you book a Dine & Dance arrangement! Enjoy the fine atmosphere at Escape Caff with a three course menu. After a cup of coffee or a glass of Cava on the house you will be guided to Escape Club. Of course you don’t need to get in the queue because VIP entrance is included. A Dine & Dance Ticket costs 40 euro with club entrance included and starts at 20.30 hrs.