Usines Center Paris Nord2

The Usines Center of Paris Nord 2, the commercial center and the first private business park in Europe near Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport, is “re-outletizing” if you allow us this neologism. By the way, this equipment, opened in 1985 and terribly “dated”, corrects all the criteria of architecture, decoration and supply, which had gradually diverted it from its vocation as a pure center of brands, We define them today.

Exit the sinister awning of the entrance and the flashy colors of the original concept. Replaced by a case in black and white bathed in light. And especially welcome to the trendy brands – Desigual, Manoukian, Serge Blanco, Haribo – to gradually dislodge the multi-brand boutiques that no longer have a place in a contemporary outlet.

Some ideas of brands: Caroll, Benetton, Eagle, Desigual, Diesel, Hello Kitty, Kaporal, Time of the Cherries, Orchestra, Pepe Jean, Crystal of Arques, Guy Degrenne, Villeroy, Pyrex, Nike.