Musée de la civilisation

A place of knowledge and ideas, Musée de la civilisation takes a fresh and often unexpected look at the human experience. With original and bold exhibitions, the Museum transports children and adults into the great cities of the world, fascinating ancient civilizations, significant sociocultural movements and the heart of Quebec society. Set in Old Quebec, Musée de la civilisation is a leading cultural experience for every family in the area and a top tourist attraction for visitors on vacation.

A museum comprised of three separate locations, Musee de la Civilisation delves into the many facets of human history and the establishment of French America. The main museum, near the Old Port, is a modern structure from architect Moshe Safdie. A second museum is on Place Royale, where Samuel de Champlain founded a fur-trading colony in 1608, and the third is in the hilltop seminary.

Musée de la civilisation is in the heart of the Musées de la civilisation complex in Quebec City.