The young Gºstav Axel Gunnlaugsson, former resident and chef of 2010, and a master chef Larus Gunnar Jonasson visited every nook and cranny in Iceland to find the right mix grill.

Lalli has sought the inspiration for the interior design of the place and Gºstav gained knowledge in grill-culture and sought to use Icelandic ingredients.

Old Ice House in Traders in Skjálfanda is now partially come to Reykjavik and corrugated metal plates that have found a new home, as well as driftwood from Hdinsfjördur, and shelter guests of Sea Grill, Skólavördust­g 14.

Gºstav has designed a menu that is both specific and global.

Check out our menu and contact us, we are honored to cook and grill for you.