Silent Noise Club

Silent Noise was conceived in the beachside town of Palolem, south Goa and the place has undoubtedly left its mark on the parties. The parties are as much a product of the visitors, the citizens and the location as they are of the organisers; many of who call the idyllic beach town home. South Goa is very different from the north. It is much more peaceful, with a nice mixture of nationalities, ages and traveller types. The diversity makes almost everybody fall in love with the place. This atmosphere has rubbed off on the parties, which end up with a laid back festival air.

Just as the parties have affected Palolem, so too has the town been affected with the parties. The parties have been designed to be as inclusive as possible, with many of the local people getting involved, so that all can benefit. What‚s more, people have started coming from all over Goa to sample the parties. Thus Silent Noise thrives because of the location and the location because of Silent Noise. The dream is to help all of Goa in this way by having parties while not breaking the law; that dream isn‚t that far away.