Centre commercial Beaugrenelle

The first Beaugrenelle shopping center was opened in 1978  ; But by dissociating the functions of circulation and commerce, he knew a less and less frequented number of visitors, while the buildings were deteriorating. Quasi-deserted in the mid- 2000s, it was finally destroyed to make room for a new project.

The site in Beaugrenelle waited 10 years for the re-opening of its commercial epicentre, originally built at the end of the 1970s. The new building, opened in autumn 2013, is an enormous complex of three centres across six floors: City, Magnetic and Panoramic.

With its glass ceiling, free WiFi and 8,000 square metres of roofing overgrown with greenery, this is a vast and very modern undertaking. Patisseries, clothing boutiques, food shops (including Marks & Spencer) a Pathé cinema multiplex, restaurants and services ranging from a post office to the police – Beaugrenelle sets out to please as many people as possible. It remains to be seen whether this glass and steel structure will become out-dated in 20 years, like its former incarnation – but it doesn’t seem that likely.