Salvatore’s Italian Restaurant

A typical Italian “trattoria” with bright colors, serene environment, soft music, rich and traditional flavors, and a cuisine based on fresh and genuine ingredients! Located in the heart of Phuket Town. Delicious first and second courses, home-produced bread, decadent desserts, real Italian coffee and a wine list that resembles a mini-encyclopedia – you can find everything in our restaurant: Salvatore’s Restaurant!

Nestled in the heart of Phuket Town since 2000, Salvatore’s Restaurant brings the tradition of authentic Italian regional kitchens. The Chef and owner, Salvatore Cossu, is 100% Sardinian with decades of experience from various parts of the world.

Chef Salvatore is very passionate about offering genuine Italian style dining in Phuket, the heart of South-East Asia. Italian cuisine is characterized by simplicity and relies on the quality of the ingredients and bringing real flavours out, rather than on complex preparation. While ingredients and dishes in Italy vary by region, Salvatore’s restaurant captures the tastes from the entire country.