Rorbua‚ is a‚ pub‚ in‚ Troms¸,‚ Norway. It was opened in 1974, and claims to be the most famous pub in all of‚ Norway. The reason for its fame is that the pub hosted the‚ television‚ program‚ Du Skal H¸re Mye, a program that ran on‚ NRK‚ for 16 seasons from 1987, showing guests (celebrities and commoners) telling stories and jokes.

Rorbua offers live music every week from Wednesday through Sunday.‚ From the country’s best trubadurer to world-renowned bands and artists.‚ Rough-planked walls and hand-hewn beams create a rustic atmosphere at Rorbua Pub. Reminiscent of a Norwegian fisherman’s cottage, the pub is a cozy place to try the famous Mack Beer, a distinctive craft brew from the world’s northernmost brewery.

It has not changed much. Still the pub is the city’s most popular, most united and the place in Troms¸ with the highest frequency of live concerts, with artists on stage five days a week. The artists range from the most local and forward-looking to the national and well-known, and the good atmosphere it creates fills the room every day with regular guests from opening hours to closing time.

Everyone in Troms¸ knows about Rorbua, and a large number of people from outside too. That, and the pub’s amazing location on the quayside, makes the place a natural starting and stop for both visitors and locals. The clientele consists of all teams of the people, from 20 to 70, and everyone wants to hear a lot …