Restaurante 100 Maneiras

The story of the 100 Ways is inseparable from the story of Ljubomir Stanisic , head chef and creator of this concept.

The name intends to provoke, stimulate the senses and the imagination. Because 100 ways refers, at the same time, to the absence of rules but, also, to the infinity of forms. There are no strict rules, here, there is no limit to the creativity that is served at the table. Reflecting the personality of Ljubo (as it is known among friends), the 100 Ways merges tradition and innovation, knowledge and imagination.

So it is in the 100 Maneiras, a story that was born from an end point – the closing of the first 100 Ways, in Cascais – and that grew among the passions of Ljubomir Stanisic.

The idea, to create a space where the gastronomic experience could gain democratic outlines, took Lisbon by storm in 2009, and the success was not slow to feel.

For the first time, a restaurant with a unique tasting menu at affordable prices was appearing in the Portuguese capital. Lisbon liked it and the 100 Maneiras matured.