Queen’s Park, Bridgetown

Queen’s Park is a national park in Barbados. The park was the former home of the Commander of the British Troops stationed in Barbados for the West Indies. Situated in the northeastern segment of the capital city Bridgetown, the park’s borders are roughly Roebuck and Crumpton Streets to the north and west, and Halls and Constitution Roads located east and south. It shares parts of its grounds with Harrison College and the Headquarters of the Barbados Transport Board. Like some of the island’s other national parks, Queen’s Park remains a site of historic interest.

To the east of downtown, along St. Michael’s Row, Queen’s Park was once the grounds of the 18th-century home of the commander of British Troops in Barbados. Today the park is a venue for many local festivals and events while the restored Georgian-style Queen’s Park House serves as a theater and art gallery. To the east of the building, is a children’s playground around a giant baobab tree with an 18-meter circumference. Some sources say the tree came from Africa on a slave ship. Other sources report that the baobab’s seed floated to the island and the tree is more than 1,000 years old. Also in the park, visitors will find a pool and fountain, a gazebo, and the Barbados Solar House demonstrating renewable energy.