Punjabi Indian Restaurant

Punjabi Indian Restaurant welcomes you to try delicious, healthy and well-presented Indian & Pakistani food in Beijing. With a comprehensive menu of Kebabs, most popular North & South Indian delights, desserts and our very own in-house-cocktails! We also have very affordable special deals like our all-you-can-drink dinner buffet and special Set meals! We only use Muslim Halal meat. But we are well trained to handle most dietary needs like Jain, Vegan, gluten-free, etc.

The dishes have their own distinctive flavor & aromas, which cannot come from any curry powder in the world. Our food is not just “Spicy” or “Curry.”

Indian cuisine, has an ancient history. The dishes are cooked on open flames, enclosed fires and in clay ovens. Indian food is healthy, hygienic & cooked fresh! Indian Spices are prepared in an organic and safe way!