Pio Gastro Bar & Bistro

The wild and crazy tastes of Latin American streets, charcoal cooked meat dishes and complementing drinks from the rich cocktail selection- all comes together at PIO for all Antalya gastro and entertainment lovers and adventurers.

Gastro Vogue Group which houses Antalya‚s price winning ‚fine dining‚ Restaurant Seraser, awarded as the world‚s first most romantic hotel Tuvana, best pizza in town ‚‚il Vicino‚‚ and the Niks Culture ‚‚  Antalya‚s elite ‚life club‚ under‚  its wings is now presenting the PIO as the first authentic gastro bar for Antalya. Pio Gastro Bar & Bistro with its colorful decoration, Latin and Mediterranean base fusion street food offering with Tapas style and good selection of accompanying drinks from its mixology bar, all these in a cheerful chirping environment will definitely give you a chance to experience new tastes, enhance your dining rituals and make its mark as an unforgettable time.

The maddening delightful street dishes of Latin America, char coal prepared meats and complementing the menu with incredible and innovative mixology drinks ‚ all comes together under the same roof in Antalya‚